Three Phase Input & Output UPS

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Three Phase Input & Output UPS

Three Phase Input & Output UPS


ES33 10KVA / 120KVA

- It is used to protect sensitive devices from sudden power outages, during a short period that varies according to the capacity of the battery attached to the UPS.
- There are many protections inside the UPS device, the most important of which is protection against high and low voltage, which directly affects the performance of the devices, and works to stabilize the output electricity.

device features ES33:
- electric voltage stabilizer
- Power Factor 0.9
- Transfer time to battery mode (0 m/s) 
- Supports the installation of an Internet card to monitor the status of devices remotely through (mobile or laptop)
- pure sinewave

Uses of the UPS device:
- protection of medical device
- protection of industrial equipment
- Protection of laboratory equipment.
- protection of Computer and laptop
- protection of Surveillance cameras
- protection of Corporate server

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Power Rating 10KVA / 120KVA
power factor 0.9
Rated Voltage 380 / 400 / 415
Waveform Pure Sinewave
Inverter Efficiency line mode
Inverter Efficiency ECO mode
Transfer time 0ms